Classification Activities

Richard Scarry

My husband HATES story time when the boys pick their Richard Scarry books, but they are AWESOME from a teaching stand-point. The top ones for classification include:

  • Cars and Trucks and Things that go
  • What do People Do All Day
  • Busy Busy World
  • Best Word Book Ever

Sesame Street

My second favourite go-to for sorting…Sesame Street! Most of these are short you-tube clips. The last one is a book.

One of these things is not like the other

Ernie puts toys into groups

Sorting shapes on Sesame Street

Which one doesn’t belong?

Which one doesn’t belong (#WODB)

So super-excited for the release of Christopher Danielson’s new book this summer: Which one doesn’t belong? Complete with a Teacher Guide! Click here for details.

In the meantime though, Mary Bourassa has this website for an on-line version! Can’t wait to try it with Rory and see what he comes up with!

Computer games

We are a low-tech family and believe in the recommended screen-time for children (none for under 2 years and very little for 2-5 years). That being said, there are some fun activities for sorting! See below!

Arthur’s Supermarket Adventure

Arthur’s Build a Flag

Arthur’s Wardrobe

Millie’s Math House

Millie’s Math House Teachers Resources

Thinkin Things 1 (i-pad app)

Set Game Daily Puzzle


Sorting Manipulatives

Attribute Blocks

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments section below!





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