Problem Solving Activities

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STEM activities:

    • Can you build the highest arch with blocks?
    • Can you make houses for the 3 little pigs? Which one would blow down?
    • You have 20 straws and 20 pieces of play-doh…what structure can you build using all the resources?
    • Any maker-space activity!

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Great problems:

    • Do we have enough snacks for everyone?
    • How can we share these 5 cookies with two friends?
    • Do we have enough ingredients to make cupcakes for everyone?
    • How many seeds can we plant in this garden if they have to be 2 inches away from  each other.
    • I’m thinking of a number that describes…(ants on a log, kids in the playground etc) what could it be? Why?
    • Create a picture (or use manipulatives) that shows 3 and 2 of something.
    • How are the numbers 3 and 13 alike? How are they different? Show me.
    • Use a pan balance, put blocks on it to show me two amounts that are the same / more / less.
    • How many different ways could we share 7 dolls between two people? Would it be fair? (Use dolls of different sizes)
    • Daddy’s getting a new 7 seater mini-van! How many friends could we bring for a ride?

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Manipulatives that develop problem-solving:

    • Puzzles
    • Mazes
    • Pattern block challenges
    • Tangram activities

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Links to Rich tasks:

Pirate Panda Activity (nrich)

The Doorbell Rang Activity (nrich)

Youcubed Rich Tasks for Kindergarten

Illuminations’ Pre-k to 2 Problems

The eagle and the bear (NCTM)

How many berries? (NCTM)

How many coke combo’s? (Kaplinsky)

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Other Resources:


Good Questions by Marion Small

What’s your Problem? By P. Skinner (1990)


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Do you have more problem-solving suggestions? Write them in the comments below!

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