Meet The Family

Meet Rory and Oliver, my little men. Everyone asks me if they are twins, although I don’t always see why. They are 21 months apart and very different in character.

Rory is my eldest. He likes art and drama and can tell a really, really, really long story. He’s a risk-taker and accident-prone and if I were more inclined, I would run a statistical analysis to show you how closely those two things are related!

bros 2

My Little Men

Oliver is my youngest and a gentle giant. He could ski and bike by 2 years old, but only because his big brother was doing it. He always wants to play outside…unless the rain hits his face, then he turns into a big sensitive sop who needs to be carried through the “storm”!

Who am I? I am  first and foremost, a mommy; but second, and for a much longer time, a math teacher. I am thrilled to be working as a PYP (K-6) math coordinator at an IB school. In the meantime, why not combine my two loves (my little men and my love of math!) into one blog.

We would like to invite you on a journey. This journey will be messy, with mistakes written all over it, but hopefully it will be rewarding with some good teaching and learning about early numeracy and how it develops. The blog will continue as long as my children let it. I hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Ann Walters