“One is a snail” picture book activities

A number talk!

Read the book to the class and have fun discussing the different ways to compose the numbers.


Supplement with pictures of feet or cuisenaire rods in order to have students create their own combinations of different numbers of feet. Finish off by making a mobile where each string on the mobile represents a different way to compose a number. Use pictures of the animals and cut them out so that the students can put them on a string. This allows for extension in that advanced students can make a mobile with many strings (decompose 20) and other students can pick a number accessible to them.

April Sayre’s Lesson Ideas!

Straight from the author’s mouth so they must be good!

Lesson One


Lesson Two

Problem-solving lesson!

Even NRICH loves this book! Click here for the lesson!

Other lesson ideas:

Make your own book

Helpful Black-line Masters

These would be great to laminate and keep for a center!

Feet Legend





2 thoughts on ““One is a snail” picture book activities

  1. We have been doing tons of number talks lately in my Grade 3-4-5 class and some are dividing while others working in making 10s. Will check this book out for some of my 3s who are working on making 10s and equivalents. Another math book and series I love is “The Grapes of Math” by Greg Tang…he has others with counting, multiplying and quick addition. Love your posts!! Often use your ideas and suggestions!


    • Thanks Emily! I love Greg Tang! I haven’t used that book myself, but one of the Grade 4 teachers used it to tie in patterns, number sense and art! A great way to start the year! Thanks for mentioning it!


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